Petar Đokić (Miloš Timotijević) is a handsome and successful real estate developer working at a high-level position in a prestigious Belgrade company. When his wife Mina (Tamara Krcunović) mysteriously disappears, Petar begins behaving erratically. Instead of reporting the disappearance to the police, he decides to hide it at any cost. Days without Mina become filled with lies, insomnia and wild partying in Belgrade clubs. As time passes, a family celebration where the married couple has to appear together is fast approaching and Petar’s behavior gets more chaotic and destructive. While clouds gather over Belgrade, signaling heavy rains, Petar will have to face questions that can decide his fate and life. Where and why did Mina disappear?

Nikola Ljuca

Born in 1985 in Belgrade. He studied Film Directing at Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. His short films Thursday, Sergeant and Scenes With Women were screened at many international film festivals, winning several awards. He was nominated for the Robert Bosch Stiftung Co-production Prize, he participated at the Sarajevo Talents, Berlinale Talents and Locarno Filmmakers Academy and he was a jury member at the Sarajevo Film Festival, Cinema City and Pristina Film Festival. Humidity is his first feature film.