A cinematic story of drama after the drama and war that rages on in people's hearts even after the war. The hero, an Orthodox Christian monk, finds himself on a road to spiritual healing through circumstances he could never have dreamed of. The story follows the path to spiritual uplifting, metaphorically introduced at the very beginning in the hero's walk to the secluded hermitage. The leitmotif of watering a dry, dead tree, repeated throughout the film, illustrates the absurdity of the monk's faith. The film raises a question about the boundaries of love given in Christ's commandment to „love your enemy“, thematizing the problem of forgiveness as prerequisite for a life of love and victory over death and meaninglessness. The permanent paralysis of the characters after the torment of war invokes forgiveness as the only means to ultimate healing.

Ivan Jović

Was born in 1971. He graduated at Teacher`s faculty in Belgrade and finished his MA studies at Faculty for special education in Belgrade. He worked on different alternative educational projects. He wrote several books, including two novels, and worked on different television documentary projects as a screenwriter. In 2012. he started a large research documentary project of oral history called "Legacy", which includes real people`s stories about events during the second world war on territory of former Yugoslavia.