A retired professor of neuropsychiatry, Slaviša Petronijević, lives in his apartment with his daughter Milica, son in law Stojan and granddaughter Dragana. Slaviša is affected by Alzheimer's disease and life in community is becoming more complex, both for himself and for his household. Milica and Stojan want him to be placed in a nursing home, but Slaviša is trying to show them that everything with him still all right. Over time, that it is becoming increasingly difficult...

Marko Novaković

Born in Belgrade. He graduated from the Film Faculty of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad with a degree in filmmaking. He has directed feature and short films, theater plays, TV series, concert broadcasts, quizzes, show programmes, as well as music and commercial videos for some of Serbia's most popular performers. From 1996 to 2000, he was assistant professor of TV directing and film history (1998) at the Academy of Arts (BK) in Nis and Belgrade. He directed his first feature TV film 'The Mask' in 2007 and won the Special Jury Award at the «Listapad» festival (Minsk 2008). One year later he made his first feature film «SOMEONE IS STILL WAITING» which went on to win a large number of awards at national and international film and TV festivals. Likewise, his second feature film «MENAGERIE» participated in many film and TV festivals and garnered numerous awards. Next year he made a fiction-documentary film “THE PATH STROWN WITH ROSES” (2013). Two years later he finishes his third feature film STAIRLESS (2015).

Marko Novakovic was a member of the jury within the main category at the international film festivals 'Golden Chest' (Plovdiv 2002) and 'Golden Albena' (Albena 2003, 2008 and 2012), as well as judging the semi-finals in the Popular Arts category of the International 'Emmy' awards. He is a member of the Society of Film and TV Artists (Belgrade) and is currently employed as the responsible editor of the drama and serial programme of Radio Television Serbia.