Natasha, Tubby and Antoine are three inseparable friends about to finish secondary school in Belgrade. Their friendship is on the borderline between friendship and love. On the night Tamara is born, Antoine is captured and taken to the war that is not his. After the war, they decide, upon Natasa's insisting, to leave the country. They choose Sweden, and Tubby takes care of the visas.

In Sweden, they live together for a while. Tubby quickly finds a taxi job, Antoine can not find the right job. In order to care for Tamara, Natasha finds work with computers, but what little money they have, Antoine spends on horse races. His betting horse Alaska is always the last, but he senses victory in her eyes. Natasha stays at work longer all the time, entering a relationship with her boss whom Antoine calls Carl Bilt.

Soon, their solidarity is tested and the three of them go their own directions... Tubby starts working as an entertainer in a striptease group, wearing a gorilla costume. Antoine sometimes goes to the big house Natasha and Carl Bilt live in, but he never enters. He comes only to see Tamara and lives from Tubby\'s borrowed money. Alaska got stund and died, he is not able to find his way, to understand the foreign culture and habits. He wants to go back, but he can\'t accept life without Tamara...