Film Name: Dobrica, Last Name: Unknown is a fairytale for grownups. It tells the story of a baby abandoned at birth, and how he comes to live happily ever after.

Life has not been kind to Dobrica. Still, he chooses to see only goodness in people. Actually, it’s not so much that he chooses it, as that he simply doesn’t have a choice. He is who he is and navigates through life completely filled with love. And the world is hungry for love. People often ridicule Dobrica and his naïveté, but in the end they cannot resist it. When a drug-addicted woman tries to use her young daughter to extort money from him, claiming that the girl is sick and that she desperately needs an operation, Dobrica is eager to help and without hesitation he gives her the money. When he finds out that the woman lied to him, he could not be happier, because this means that the little girl is not sick. Against their better judgment, the woman and her daughter are completely disarmed by his reaction. Deceit transcends into trust, suspicion turns into belief, and despair becomes hope. And for the people in Dobrica’s life, miracles just keep happening… As time passes, the power of love, and his ability to inspire people to improve themselves, seem to transform the world around Dobrica and create a better world—not the one it is, but the one it should be.


Slavko Štimac, Hana Selimović, Mirjana Joković, Helena Jakovljević, Bogdan Diklić, Renata Ulmanski, Miodrag Radovanović/Mrgud, Marko Baćović