The story about the life and achievements of Mr. Albert Mayer, legendary constructor of the Panavision Panaflex film cameras. These cameras are called “Cadillac of the film cameras” by the film professionals.

Mr. Albert Mayer now lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. The most years of his long career life he has spent working at the Panavision where he was a leading constructor of the film cameras. For his innovative work and technical achievements Mayer was awarded with some of the highest awards in film industry, including four Oscars and Emmy.

Albert Mayer was born and raised in Perlez, little town in Banat, the county of Vojvodina – then Kingdom of Yugoslavia, today Republic of Serbia. As a member of German ethnic corps after WWII, he was, together with other ethnic Germans, deprived of his property and held in the concentration camp Kniæanin (Rudolfsgnad). Later, he was deported from Yugoslavia to Schweningen, little town in German Schwarzwald.

He arrived to Gemany as an orphaned teenager - a refugee who didnʼt speak much German but he successfully completed his education. His sports career helped him become popular. There he met the love of his life and married her.

When Russians started to raise the Berlin Wall, he decided to choose himself the country he will continue his life. He arrived to the USA, without speaking a word of English. In America he starts to learn his third language.